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Annie Hunter

portrait photo of a young girl

Application to the charity

  • Date of application: 23 November 1895
  • Place of birth: Liverpool
  • Age: 13
  • Father’s name: John Joseph, dead 7 months
  • Mother’s name: Margaret, in Salford Hospital
  • Condition: Poor


  • Ship: Angloman
  • Date of departure: 7 May 1896
  • Date of arrival: 17 May 1896
  • Destination: Belleville, Ontario


Listen to some of Annie's story, or read the transcript below:


"I’m Annie Hunter and I’m a 13 year old. My father has died and my Mum really isn’t well. The home where I grew up wasn’t really a place anyone would want to live.

On May 7th I emigrated to Canada to start a new life in the countryside to get away from my life in Liverpool. Once I got to Canada I didn’t contact England again and just started my new life."