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'And When Did You Last See Your Father?', William Frederick Yeames (Accession number: WAG 2679)
'The Beguiling of Merlin', Edward Coley Burne-Jones (Accession number: LL 3121)
'The Black Brunswicker', John Millais (Accession number: LL 3643)
'Christ Discovered in the Temple', Simone Martini (Accession number: WAG 2787)
Codex Fejérváry-Mayer, (Accession number: M12014)
'Dante and Beatrice', Henry Holiday (Accession number: WAG 3125)
'The Death of Nelson', Benjamin West (Accession number: WAG 3132)
'Death of Nelson', Daniel Maclise (Accession number: WAG 2116)
'Dudley, Worcestershire', Joseph Turner (Accession number: LL 3923)
'Echo and Narcissus', John William Waterhouse (Accession number: WAG 2967)
'Faithful Unto Death', Edward Poynter (Accession number: WAG 2118)
'The Family of Sir William Young', Johann Zoffany (Accession number: WAG 2395)
'The Funeral of Shelley', Louis Fournier (Accession number: WAG 749)
'David Garrick as Richard III', William Hogarth (Accession number: WAG 634)
'Henry VIII', Workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger (Accession number: WAG 1350)
'The Hunted Slaves', Richard Ansdell (Accession number: WAG 3070)
'Isabella', John Everett Millais (Accession number: WAG 1637)
'John Caldwell', (Accession number: 58.83.16)
Kingston Brooch, (Accession number: M6226)
'Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante', Élisabeth- Louise Vigée-Lebrun (Accession number: LL 3527)
'Landscape with the ashes of Phocion', Nicolas Poussin (Accession number: WAG 10350)
'Liverpool Slave Ship', William Jackson (Accession number: MMM 1964.227.2)
'Napoleon Crossing the Alps', Paul Delaroche (Accession number: WAG 2990)
'Portrait of Marguerite of Navarre', Jean Clouet (Accession number: WAG 1308)
'Punishment of Lust', Giovanni Segantini (Accession number: WAG 2127)
'Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I', Nicholas Hilliard (Accession number: WAG 2994)
'Ruins of Holyrood Chapel', Louis Daguerre (Accession number: WAG 3034)
'The Scapegoat', William Holman Hunt (Accession number: LL 3623)
'Salem', Sydney Vosper (Accession number: LL 3446)
'Tinted Venus', John Gibson (Accession number: WAG 7808)

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