Corinthian alabastron (oil flask) in tear drop shape, a small handle attached from the neck to underneath the rim which is flat and disc shaped. The main decoration on the body is of a griffin with its wings wide open, one duck or bird to the other side. The mane of the griffin and the outline of its wings as well as its eyes are in incision and red colour is used for the upper part of its wings and some of the side feathers. There is a rosette close to its head and another circular motif to its other side, both with incision in their interior. The same decoration of a rosette and a cicle appears to the sides of the girffin's legs. Smaller rosettes and dots are in the background by the ducks. Incision is used for the details of the birds' feathers. The base has decoration of a rosette and rays decorate the top of the rim, small dotted lines to the edge of the rim. The clay is creamy and buff. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum registration number R753/1936; purchased by Sir Henry Wellcome by Mr Howard at Hurcombe's 29 July 1931 Lot 240