Album artwork for 'The Wombats proudly present ..... A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation'

MOL LI 62/2009


The Wombats’ album cover artwork, 2007 The Wombats formed at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts where the band’s members, Dan Haggis, Tord Øverland Knudsen and Matthew Murphy were studying. The band’s first four albums all reached the Top 20 with ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ becoming a dancefloor favourite. The album cover for ‘The Wombats Proudly Present... A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation’ was the creation of several talented Liverpool artists. The featured artwork was designed by Jonathan Greenbank and Liverpool designers Mercy and the album cover was photographed by Liverpool photographer David J Colbran. The artwork features found items and junk objects arranged to represent the songs on the album: 1. 'Tales of Girls, Boys & Marsupials' 2. 'Kill the Director' 3. 'Moving to New York' 4. 'Lost in the Post' 5. 'Party in a Forest (Where's Laura?)' 6. 'School Uniforms' 7. 'Here Comes the Anxiety' 8. 'Let's Dance to Joy Division' 9. 'Backfire at the Disco' 10. 'Little Miss Pipedream' 11. 'Dr. Suzanne Mattox PhD' 12. 'Patricia the Stripper' 13. 'My First Wedding' How many songs can you spot? Lent by Well Made