Alfred Holt, aged 25

WAG 8713


Westcott was apprentice to Thomas Griffiths, miniature painter and picture restorer in Liverpool. He exhibited at the Liverpool Academy between 1837 and 1853 where he was Associate, 1842; Member, 1844; Treasurer, 1847 until 1857; resigned 1854 and Non- Resident Member until 1865. He and his brother Thomas restored pictures for the Liverpool Royal Institution. Westcott moved to London around 1854 after a successful career in Liverpool but appears not to have achieved success in London and moved to Manchester after 1862. He exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1848 and 1861; Liverpool Autumn Exhibition and at Manchester. He also painted landscapes and some historical subjects. Alfred Holt (1829 - 1911) was a Liverpool ship-owner, engineer and merchant. His brother George Holt owned and lived in Sudley House, now owned by National Museums Liverpool. Albert Holt founded what would be become the Blue Funnel Line, one of Britain's largest shipowning and operating companies.