'All You Need is Love' bedspread



In March 1969, newly-weds John Lennon and Yoko Ono used their fame to promote peace in the world. The couple invited the world's press into their Amsterdam honeymoon suite for a week. The ‘bed-in’ stunt was a brilliant, non-violent protest against war. John and Yoko continued their protest in Montreal during May. The week was capped by a spontaneous recording of the song Give Peace a Chance. It became an instant anthem, inspiring generations to sing for peace and love. Christine Kemp, an artist originally from England, made this bedspread to embody the spirit of the times. She gave it to John and Yoko at the beginning of the Montreal bed-in. ''It was a special time – the peace movement and antiwar protest, a feeling of brother and sisterhood – I made the bedspread to capture all that. I just felt the need to go over and visit John, it was a spontaneous thing, I said “’John, I've got a present for you’.” Christine Kemp, 2010