Altar ornament

LL 6132


Altar ornament, one of a pair (to LL 6133), in the form of a richly dressed elephant, carrying beaker-shaped vase in its back. The elephant's body is carefully drawn in brown and red, and the trapping is painted in rich famille rose enamels. On the saddle is diaper of pink, with gilt designs of fruiting peach tree and waves, and green diaper borders with red tassel design below. The head and back are covered with jewelled harness, set with red and turquoise glass pastes. The tusks are made of ivory. The vase is in the form of beaker with bulbous stem and flaring mouth, and four dentate ribs running down the sides; in colour and design they closely imitate cloisonné enamel. In the vase is a plant with long slender leaves and red berries - the leaves in green jade, the berries in coral, and a bud in the centre in dark green jade.