A large neck amphora which was joined together by many sherds, parts of the rim, neck and wall lost.. The amphora has an everted rim, on a very broad, thick neck with a prominet ridge at its base and a globular body. The amphora is in White Painted III type dark brown painted seven vertical panels around the exterior neck. The panels are made of a central motif of latticed lozenges and triangles against a dark background. The top of the flat and wide circular rim also has decoration of parallel brown lines. The handles have zig zag decoration with a circular sweep of paint simulating the outline of a round handle escutcheon. The foot is aslo painted but the body is plain. The clay is buff brown heavily gritted, evenly fired medium hard and the surface is much abraded in different places. The amphora is unstable and sherds from the body, the other handle and the rim are loose.