A small neck-amphora with two side handles from the shoulder to below the rim. The decoration is of the Black figure technique on buffed clay background. The main scene on both sides is of two bearded boxers and two younger ones on the other side. Both pairs are overseen by a judge and a dog underneath each one of the handles. Details such as the body muscles of the boxers, the judges' drapery and the dogs, the eyes on their face are incised while others such as the beards, or the drapery of the judges are in red colour. The main scene has a thick black circular band underneath it. There is also a band of vertical parallel lines at the base of the neck. The neck has decoration of large vertical flowers. The lower part of the body just above the base has a band of vertical rays or pointed leaves. The base, handles and the rim are all painted in black slip.The rim has small chips and signs of wear and the black slip of the base is also worn.