Pottery amphora (storage jar) with pointed base, short neck and two handles. A note inside the jar and one tied to a handle suggests it is annotated with a hieratic inscription but this cannot be traced now. Purchased by John Garstang in Luxor, Egypt, 1906. Label from 1906 tied to one of the handles: THE UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL: INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY. Great 2-handled Amphora wh. cond. votive offerings of olive oil of the XXXth year of ?Amenhetep III. (Inscribed). Purchased '06." Note inside the jar: "Hieratic inscription 'Year 35 Olive Oil' (Amenhotep III). Danson Catalogue 1 no. 70, " Egyptian amphora or oil jar, with 2 handles, curved neck & pointed base – an original inscription upon it states that it contained a votive offering of olive oil of the 30th year of Amenhotep III, 18th Dynasty. Purchased at Luxor by Prof. Garstang. On clay stand. 34 ¼” high including stand.” CONDITION NOTE 1998: Incomplete, large area of rim missing, chipped, worn, surface dirt, pitted, some discolouration.