Amphora Fragments card

Amphora Fragments


Currently not on display


A large amphora restored from different sherds. The amphora has a ring base, a tall and round upper body with a tall neck, a wide rim that extends above the neck of the amphora and one short handle, at each side of the middle body. It is decorated in the White Painted III type with brown circular bands along the base, the middle and upper body and the neck. In between the circular bands of the middle body there are two zig zag parallel lines in brown paint from one handle to the other. On the shoulder of the amphora just below the neck there are three narrow panels of a brown chevron vertical design with three vertical lines on each side of the panel. The top of the wide rim has parallel brown lines and the edge of its interior is also painted in dark brown. The handles are painted in dark brown and their shape is also shadowed on the shoulder of the amphora. Five sherds from the same amphora are kept separately.