Amphora Fragments



Lower body, neck and shoulder and thirteen sherds from a large White Painted III belly amphora with an everted rim and a pair of loop handles set almost vertically on upper belly.. The exterior lower body has decoration of thick brown stripes with three wavy lines in between them. The shoulder is decorated with three brown panels made up of three vertical lines and vertical lozenges in between them. There are also two panels made up of three vertical lines and filled in with a parallel lines design. The neck is decorated with brown bands, some thick and others thinner. The interion of the rim is also decorated with a thick brown stripe. At the the base of the neck there is prominent painted rake design below each nipple. The handles are also painted on and all around them. The clay is thick and well gritted with a greenish buff clay evenly fired medium hard and a plain surface finish. The amphora has been joined together by many sherds.