Amphora Fragments



Body, rim and seven sherds of a White Painted III belly amphora with ony one horizontal handle surviving on the shoulder of the amphora. The handle is painted in brown slip and its shadow is reflected on the shoulder of the amphora. The body is lobular and the neck is wide and short. The rim is flat and circular and decorated with a thick brown circular band and parallel lines all around its edge. On the exteriot body there are two thick horizontal bands framed by thinner lines at the lower and higher part of the body. On the shoulder there are four panels comprising of a stripe of latticed lozenges, framed by three vertical lines on each side. In between the panels there are four small concentrics. The deep handle zone has a pair of close set freehand bands replacing the earlier pair of wavy lines and framed at the top and the bottom by broad bands between two fine bands above and below. The clay is rather coarse and gritty , light brown, evenly fired medium hard and a plain surface finish, The amphora has been joined by different pieces with seven more sherds loose.