Amphora Fragments



Neck, rim and lower part of a White Painted III large belly amphora with small horizontal three parted small handles on the shoulder of its body. Externally: the neck is decorated with thick brown horizontal bands and thin lines and the rim has brown parallel lines running all around it. The body of the amphora is decorated with 6 large panels, four of them have a design of vertical latticed lozenges between latticed panels separated and outlined by close set verticals. In between them there are large double triangles whose interiors are divided up into precisely drawn latticed lozenges (21 to each triangle) and a base line of seven latticed triangles. The narrow belly zone is enclosed by three bands above and four below and contains three closely parallel wavy lines. The shoulder handle has a laddered design and solid paint on and around the belly handles. The interior has has a pair of bands at the top of the neck and strokes all around the rim. The clay is heavily gritted, buff brown, evenly fired medium hard The neck has been repaired and joined together from different sherds.