Fragment of an oval shaped amulet or stone of the type known as a 'magical gem'. On one side it has a young, nude figure holding a snake in his right hand, feet not indicated. Greek inscription in ten lines around the figure: αη?τιο[- - -]|κοντ[- - -]|ειφθ ω[- - -]|κωχψμ α ν[- - -]|δαρυνκω? α?[- - -]||αμουν[- - -]|αμουν κ[- - -]|αμουν η υ[- - -]|μ[. .]ουχ η[- - -]|[- - -]ε[- - -] → voces including variant of δαρυγκω. The reverse side has a frontal view of a cock-headed Anguipes in armour, head to the right. He holds in his left hand a round shield, hid behind the body. There is a Greek inscription in two lines engraved upside down on the shield: ω|αι → Ἰάω.it