Oval ring of the type known as a 'magical gem', inscribed on both sides with Greek characters. On one side, the design shows an anguipede, a divinity with legs in the form of serpents. His head is turned to his right and he has his right hand bent and raised, holding a whip. With his left hand he holds a shield with an inscription in five lines with an inscription in five lines: ιαη|ιαη|ωιο|υια|ωα → variants of Ἰάω. Greek letters around the figure: ιαωαι οαι α η α τ → Ἰάω. The reverse side has inscribed Greek characters that are undecipherable,possibly ιαθαρ|βαθιητ?αηι|ρεπυφευ|ηρ character οπ|character ψ. There are also Greek letters and characters on the edges of the oval shaped stone: : σοιηωιαηιεηιουιοωχ three characteres