Ring setting of the type known as a 'magical gem', engraved on both sides. Obverse side has a standing figure of a lion headed god, facing to the left and encircled by the Ouroboros (the snake mythical creature with its tail in its mouth constantly devouring itself and been reborn). His right hand is raised and with his left hand he holds an animal-headed Egyptian sceptre, the was. He wears a kilt (?) and is encircled by an Ouroboros. Greek letters in front of the figure: κηυνι? Behind him, three characters. The reverse side has Isis standing to the left, on a pedestal, wearing a long garment and a crown (Isis-crown, or double feathers?). In her left hand she holds a scepter with a bird at the top. She has her right hand raised to mouth. To the left and right of the head, there is a star and a crescent. Greek letters around the goddess: αεηιουω?|λεη → vocales, unknown vox.