Amulet box / ga'u



A man's ga'u in the form of a portable shrine. The front and side panels are made from silver, which are covered with engraved floral decoration, including three large lotus flowers in the top third of the front panel. There is a beaded edge to the outer and inner front edge. The back panel is made from copper and slots into place. The contents have been removed, or it was given empty. The front window of the ga'u is covered with a piece of glass. Attached to the engraved square lugs on each side of the ga'u is the original strap that would be used to fasten the ga'u across the wearer's body. The strap is made from a stiffened card or paper core that is covered with red and yellow striped felt. At one end there is an openwork clasp in the shape of a pepul leave, which is attached to an engraved circular link, that is then attached to another smaller pepul leave clasp. Attached to this is a length of chamois leather, which has a pierced hole in it, this was used to fasten the strap to the openwork belt buckle found attached to the other end of the felt strap.