Amulet box / ga'u



A simple copper arch-shaped ga'u with the Namchu Wangden mantra or 'A Sign of the All Powerful Ten' embossed on the front, the front is damaged. Attached to the ga'u is a further mirror-shaped amulet, decorated with random concentric circles. This is attached to the ga'u by a thong of leather, which is strengthed by two lengths of brass coiled around it. Some of the contents are still with the ga'u including three rolls of mantras or prayers ink printed on paper and a small painting of possibly White Tara. The painting was covered with a peacock feather and then wrapped in silk, when still wet, resulting in a large amount of paint transfer making it difficult to identify the Buddhist figure. There are two mantra or prayer rolls, one is hand-written in Tibetan, the other is longer and tightly coiled and wrapped in yellow silk.