Amulet of the type known as magical gem



Oval stone that could have been used either as an amulet or a ring but best known as 'magical gem'. On one side a standing 5 winged figure possibly a Bes-Pantheos, standing in or holding four long sceptre. He is standing on an on an Ouroboros forming a cartouche, which encloses four notches to indicate animals. Four animal-protomes project from the sides of the head, which is topped by an atef crown. The ithyphallic deity has two pairs of wings and arms: the upper arms – in line with the top of the upper wings and almost at the height of the neck – are stretched to the sides. Behind the wings: two scepters on the left, two scepters on the right. A bird’s tail and a crocodile’s tail project from the hips to the right of the body. The reverse sides has Greek letters and characteres in four lines. A X H N E Γ The edges have a Greek inscription: ζωσασ → unknown vox.