Anubis Figure



Wooden figure of a recumbant Anubis-jackal, painted black with a separate head and tail. A peg sticks out the base so that is could have been attached to a coffin or chest lid. Body has extensive small exit holes from wood eating insects. Anubis was a god associated with mummification and protecting the dead. He appeared as either a man with a jackal’s head or as a complete jackal. The Egyptians called Anubis ‘he who is upon his mountain’ as if he were sitting up high guarding the cemetery. From the 25th Dynasty (after 747 BC) wooden figures of jackals like this were placed upon outermost coffin lids, placing the dead under the protection of Anubis. CONDITION NOTE 1998: In three pieces, previous repair, loss of gesso and pigment which is also flaking, old infestation, split and chipped, adhesive on surface, some loose fragments.