Apis Bull Statuette



Bronze figure of an Apis bull, striding forward, wearing a sun-disc between its horns fronted by a uraeus. The body is incised characteristic decoration, including a triangle on the brow, a patterned collar around his neck and a patterned tasselled blanket over his back. Two outstretched winged shapes holding ostrich feathers, the symbol for truth and justice, are incised on his body ; over his shoulders it is a winged scarab, at the hindquarters is a winged vulture. The figure was solid cast by the lost wax process. The rectangular base (30 x 92 mm) is hollow and has not been inscribed. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Coroded. Treated with benzotriazol (BTA) in 1994 and laquered. In January 1941 the object was lent to the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (Amguedda Genedlaethol Cymru) for an exhibition illustrating the use and application of tin.