Apollo and the Muses on Mount Parnassus with Two River Gods

WAG 1995.320
Drawn within a circle are 12 seated or reclining human figures with a winged horse shown above them. The male seated figure in the centre holds a stringed musical instrument (a lyre) in his left arm and probably represents the classical god Apollo. He is surrounded (from left to right in a clock-wise direction) by 9 women (his creative Muses) all of whom are partially draped and mainly seated and 8 of whom are drawn in brown ink, the other is very faintly outlined in black chalk on the upper left edge of the circle. Two of the Muses point upwards to the winged horse representing their favourite horse Pegasus, who lived on Mount Parnassus. In the foreground recline 2 male figures representing river gods holding urns of water.