Barbed arrowhead with an extraordinarily long tang that has been beautifully pressure flaked all along its length. Broken at the end of the tang. Dr Renée Friedman located other examples in the Ägyptisches Museum Berlin, almost identical in size and shape. Marked in ink, "El Kab. Jan. 1902. Cas." This refers to the dealer Michel Casira, a Cairo based antiquities dealer active in the early 1900s; Elkab being a well-known tourist destination directly across the river from Hierakonpolis on the east bank of the Nile. Sold at Sotheby's, London, 18-19 July 1923 as part of the collection of Rev. Randolph Berens: Lot 103/3: "An Arrow Head, cherty flint, barbed and with a very long tang, 6 5/8 in. long; and two other Arrow Heads, with two long barbs each, but without tangs; two from El Kab, one from Abydos (3)" (1923 p. 9). This may have been sold to Talbot Ready who then sold it to Sir Francis Danson.