Aryballos card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum



Currently not on display


This is an aryballos or 'oil flask', decorated in the Corinthian style using the black figure technique, with detail in added red. The decoration is of a narrative scene. A man inscribed as AITHON plays a lyre and another one named ASTYKOTAS stands facing him. The name PHORBOS is over the bowl. On the other side one man on a horse with the name HIPPOMACHIDAS across the horse, to his back there is another man and the name KASTOR. The round base of the aryballos has a crescent rosette with eight petals, alternatively painted red and brown. A simplified maeander border is along edge of rim and the handle. On the top of the rim there is an eleven-petalled rosette. There is also a cross-hatching design at the top of handle and a triple guilloche on the back of handle, with incised central dots.