Asa, Joram and Jehosophat from the Sistine Chapel (Recto); Study of an Outstretched Right Arm of a Man (Verso)

WAG 1995.204


A drawing showing an male figure on the left and a female figure on the right, seated back to back. The male figure is in full profile, seated with left leg extended and the right raised, he rests a piece of paper or parchment on this leg and appears to write on it. He wears a cap and a cloak that covers most of his body except for the legs. The female figure holds three infants. She holds one child in her left arm and turns towards a second climbing up her back with its arm across her face. The third child suckles at her breast. There are small letters 'R. B. V' written on the drapery, as colour notes [R for rosso, B for Bianco and V for verde]. Left and lower edges of the paper are folded out and patched in top left corner, bottom right corner and top right corner.