Ash Chest



Ash chest of Publilius Severianus. The inscription is under a carving of a small pediment, which has the impression of a gabled lid, with flanked bolsters and palmette infills.The frame of the inscription is flanked by chains of bell flowers, each chain containing five flowers and is at the edge of the corner of the chest. The pediment is flanked with designs of three fronds in relief similar to the ones used in the palmettes and at the corners are roundels which contain an eight petalle rosette. The design of the bell flowers is more neoclassical than classical and so are the palmette infills. On the left side of the chest there is decoration of a jug with an exaggerated handle and a long spout not characteristic for funerary grave altars. On the right hand side there ia a patera with a raised umbo. The inscription is: D M T.PVBLILIV.SEVERIANY FECIT PVBLILIO.SEVERIANO PATRI.B.M D(is) M(anibus)/T(itus) Publiliu(s) Severianu (s)/fecit/ Publilio Severiano/patri b(ene) m(erenti)> To the Shades, Titus Publilius Severianus made this for Publilius Severianus, (his) well deserved father. The inscription is well organised and clear and fits the panel and the letters are even at every height. Dropping the s at the end of the dedicator's name is unusual but found in other inscriptions. The clear and crispy feeling of the inscription may be more a suggestion that is of the 18th century.