Ash Chest



Rectangular ash chest with the inscription on a separate panel and inserted into the frame. The restoration was probably done in modern times, after the ash chest arrived in Britain. There are also breaks above the inscription panel with a restored triangular piece above the inscription. The breaks extend to the inside of the chest. There are also two holes drilled through the chest, one through the centre in the bottom and the other through the back near the lower left hand corner. The inscription is D (is) M (aniibus)/ Claudi Rufi/v(ix)a(nnis) XXX di (ebus ) II. To the shades of Claudus Rufus who lived 30 years and 2 days. Davies observed that the lack of the praenomen for Claudus Rufus may be an indication that the inscription was modern. There are mouldings on the front and bottom of the front and sides of the chest. On the front the mouldings have a twisted spiral design and an undecorated wave and on the sides a plan fascia and a wave. On the front there is an elaborate tabular ansata with a twisted design on its moulded frame. On the triangular wings there are four petal rosettes arranged around the panel in the corners flanking the wings.