Ash Chest card

Ash Chest


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Rectangular ash chest now with an inscription to Lappia Pri. The inscription panel is superimposed on an imitation stone wall. The upper edge of the chest is not shaped to hold a lid. The chest is decorated on three sides, its back and its cavity are only roughly worked. Small oval clamp holes are at the top on both sides approximately in the centre. The inscription reads D M LAPPIAE. PRIMAE.F ////X.A.XXXXIII The interpretation may be: D(is) M(anibus) Lappiae Primae f(iliae ?factum ) (vi)x a(nnis) XXXXIII. To the Shades of Lappia Prima daughter of Prima, lived 43 years or To the Shades of Lappia Prima, daughter who lived 43 years or to the Shades, made for Lappia Prima who lived 43 years. The f in the inscription stands for filiius/a (daughter) or fecit (made) but it is unlikely in this case that it means the verb (fecit) made. The front and the sides have an incised design that imitates ashlar masonry. A recessed session is at the front corners while the lower and upper mouldings extend a little bit round the corner to the sides. The mouldings have a wave and a spiral or twisted band. The decoration is simple but elegant but the simplicity of the design makes it difficult to date.