Ash Chest Lid



Lid of ash chest of Euphrosyne. It was represented in Monumenta Matthaeiana as the lid of the ash chest of Fulvanus 59.148.328a but in the Engravings it appeared on the ash chest of Euphrosyne in a restored state. Although it fits well that of Euphrosyne it is unlikely to be the original lids of the chest. It has the shape of a roof with a triangular pediment at the front. The front is higher than the back and there is a slight slope from front to back. The roof top has no acroteria and the only decoration is on the front pediment: a central laurel wreath with some taeniae fluttering into the corners. The moulding below is made of a wavy incised line and the moulding of the top edge, now damaged, was probably very plain. The wreath was in high relief and has berries. the ribbons are arranged in exaggerated loops and are ribbed across their width. A pedimented lid with no acroteria is very uncommon but it could be that the lid did have acroteria that were damaged and removed when the lid was restored.