Ash Chest Lid



Ash chest lid with low gable and a rosette in the pediment. Probably made to fit 59.148.350a. Restored, possibly made, by Lisandroni and d'Este, reusing older marble, as there is a Late Classical or early Medieval inscription on the underside. (it reads LEONTIS/X DEPOSIT) The lid has the shape of a low pitched roof with a wide low pediment and no acroteria. The top surface and back are undercorated but worked smoothly. The underside is shaped to fit the raised edge on top of the ash chest. The pediment has an outline of a single fascia moulding and contains a single four petalled rosette. The simplicity of the lid fits well with a number of other lids that were made sometime before the ash chest left the Mattei collection to come under Henry Blundell and were all probably made in the same workshop. The whole lid may have been restored but it used an older marble.