Ash Chest Lid



Lid associated in the Engravings with the ash chest of the Peducaei. Although it fits well to it, it is unlikely to be the original lid and does not have holes as the ones on the chest to correspond to those of the ash chest. It may had been added in the 18th century to fit the chest of the Peducaei (59.148.316a). The lid has a rounded pediment at the front and the back, the profile follows the curve of the upper edges of the pediments with no acroteria. The decoration is of an eagle with spread wings and the head turning to the left. The moulding is in a wave, the back pediment is udecorated and roughtly finished and the underside has been hollowed out. The feathers of the eagle are detailed and some drilling was used especially for its legs. The lid is not a common shape for ash chests lids. Rounded pediments and eagles were not common in monuments as early as the presumed date of the ash chest.