Ash Chest Lid



Flat lid from an ash chest. In Blundell's 'Engravings' it is represented on top of the ash chest of Laflius Primigenius, for which it is a little too big. Davies (2007: 129) observed that this could be the lid alluded to in Blundell's 'Account'. In the Monumenta Matthaeina it appeared on top of the ash chest of Numisia Primigena 59.148.321a although it is rather small for that ash chest. The slab for the lid is thick and has a raised broad strip which stands at right angle along the front. The top edge is curved as a rounded pediment and flanked by short bolsters with circular ends. The top of the lid is undecorated but worked smoothly, the underside of it is not shaped to fit the chest and is left roughly worked. It has no clamp holes. On its pediment there is a five petalled rosette inside a double ring of beads with taeniae on either side, the whole design recalls one of a wreath. Similar rosettes are in the circular front ends of the bolsters. A simple fascia moulding outlines the pediment.