Assignment and Bond: Jamaica Plantation (Slave Lists), Dashwood family



Assignment of a plantation and sugar works at Jamaica in the West Indies for securing £2,200 and Interest' Dated 28 August 1805. Francis Bateman Dashwood Esquire to Enos Smith Esquire. The plantation name is Mesonage [?]. The document contains a list of the names of enslaved people on the estate: Toni, Appolla, London, Sharma, Hampshire, Seyrios(?), Jenny, Appollas, Sally, Liverpool, Myrtilla, Lord Strange, Shiggys, Nancy, Margarets, Love, Rigbys, Karr, Arms, Abby. Besse, Belinsa, Venus, Cudgoe, Cubas, William, Sam Arthur, Bruce, Assebas (?), Polly, Quashebas, Toby, Tom, Shiggys, Yabbo, Callanted, Quashabas, Dido, Ammonos, Jack, Arrinitas, William, Venus, Betty, Trelawny, Jack, Franklins, Billey, Cyphae, Franklyns, Kingston, Franklyns, Blackey, Clanmell, Jack, Pompey, Will, Chingo, Bassne, Peter, Nanecy, Susannah, Cicily, Sarah, Elsey, Little Dublin, Sampson, Grieg, Little Jack, Toby, Sally, Maria, Creole, Maria, Rose, Dublin, George, Phillis, Perth, Quashe, Bessey, Juba, Andrew, Apolla, Penny, Charlotte, Captain, Biddy, Kitty, Mary, Armond, Candis, Susannah, Cloe