Autun from the East

WAG 10685


Autun is a small town in the region of Burgundy in eastern France. The town was founded during the reign of the first Roman Emperor Augustus and was then called Augustodunum. Percy Gethin was in Burgundy during the summers of 1911 and 1912, where he made a series of drawings of the area. This watercolour and Gethin's other Burgundian subjects were described in the catalogue 'Burgundian and other Drawings and Etchings by P F Gethin (1874 - 1916)', which was published by P & D Colnaghi in February 1926: 'Many of the subjects were not easy of treatment, but they were seized in their essentials and put on paper rapidly and with certainty.' This sketch of Autun was highlighted as one of 'the most arresting' works, illustrating 'the power of selection which is so apparent when we come to [Gethin's] drawings in ink and colour wash'.