Awaydays, 2009 Based on Kevin Sampson’s debut and best-selling 1998 novel Awaydays, the film was produced by Merseyside based Red Union Films and has attained cult status. Awaydays captures the young ‘scally’ movement that emerged around Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs and music venues in the city in the late 1970s. Self-aware and arrogant; attitude, music and style single this young tribe out. The scally look was considered effeminate and androgynous - a floppy wedge fringe, cagoules and duffel coats, straight jeans and jumpers and most importantly training shoes. Adidas were the preferred choice for the discerning and Forest Hills the most prized possession. Adidas sponsored the film and produced these limited edition ‘trainees’. They were worn during the making of the film.