B1 Intro Ball

MOL LI 46/2021.2


ID: A bright orange foam football, with several holes cut out of the hexagonal patches patterned across it. This B1 Introductory ball, or audible football, has bells inside it so players can hear it on the pitch It is made of foam and is cut through with circular holes to let the sound escape. Footballs like these are used by both Merseyside Blind and Visually Impaired Football clubs. Players have gone on to play in various prestigious tournaments, including the FA Disability Cup finals. The Liverpool County Football Association’s Ability Counts league is a platform for disabled players to play competitive football. Alongside Merseyside Blind and V.I. FC, the league includes a range of teams, such as Liverpool Football Therapy, a team for players affected by mental ill health, and Liverpool Transplant FC, a team for transplant and dialysis patients. LCFA continues to create new opportunities for disabled players to play competitive football. They believe in flexible, inclusive and accessible playing opportunities for everyone, enabling disabled players to access football at various levels across the county.