Barbarities in the West Indias



Engraving, 'barbarities in the West Indies' Inscription reads: 'Mr Francis relates "Among numberless other acts of cruelty daily practised, an English Negro Driver, because a young Negro thro sickness was unable to work, threw him into a copper of boiling sugar juice, & after keeping him steeped over head and ears for above three quarters of an hour in the boiling liquid, whipt him with such severity, that it was near six months before he recovered of his wounds & scolding"' ‘Vide. Mr Frances speech, corroborated by Mr Fox, Mr Wilberforce’ Speech bubble reads: "Blast your black eyes! What you can't work because you're not well? but I'll give you a warm bath to cure your Ague & a curry-combing afterwards to put spunk into you"