Baron Stockmar and Seymour (Costume Designs for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1654


This watercolour painting depicts the costume designs for two male figures from the play 'Queen Victoria'. An inscription below the figure on the left identifies them as 'Stockmar' and an inscription below the figure on the right identifies them as 'Seymour'. The grey-haired figure on the left is wearing a white ruffled shirt with a white neck tie below an unbuttoned black long tailcoat. This is worn with black trousers and the figure has their hands in the pockets. The figure on the right is painted with less facial detail. They are depicted as being younger than the figure on the left wirh brown hair. The costume features blue/grey trousers with diagonal pinstripes and pointed shoes of the same shade. They are wearing a black shirt below a buttoned up brown tailcoat with a white handkerchief in the breast pocket. A white waistcoat peaks at the edges of the coat.