Basket Lid



Conical lid made from plant fibre, damaged at its bottom edge. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no. 9389; Sold at Sotheby's, London, 21 July 1920 lot 221 "Cylindrical wooden Box with pivotal lid, and containing a plaited rush basket, with lid and food fragments, 3 3/4 in. high by 3 3/4 in. diam.; all in excellent state of presrvation; from the Grant sale at Cairo". Sold at Sotheby's, London (Field Marshall Lord Grenfell collection), 12-14 November 1917 lot 67/6: "A carved wood seated Figure on a chair, painted, from Luxor; a Cylindrical Box, with pivotal cover, containing a rush basket with food, from the Grant sale, Cairo; and an obelisk shaped Mummy Box, carved with figures of OSIRIS and ISIS in relief".