Thin walled pottery beaker with cylindrical body and flat base. In 1852 displayed in Joseph Mayer's Egyptian Museum containing dried grapes (accession no. M11121). Since at least 1976 the beaker has contained a mix of barley and wheat grain (accession no. M11127). In Joseph Mayer's 1852 catalogue he notes that the food and fruit on display in case 7 were "taken from the tombs at Thebes". Food, including containers of grain, were often left in a tomb as a food for the deceased. Ex Joseph Sams collection no. 116 (Sams cat. p. 32). Material misnamed as alabaster in Mayer's 1852 catalogue (p. 30. no. 596). The beaker is similar in shape to examples from the Late Saite-Persian Periods (c.f., 'A Manual of Egyptian Pottery voulme 3' p. 267, Later Period 121).