Bell Album 2



Large leather bound album owned by Bell, but containing images by John Claude White. Contents as follows: 1. Rani of Sikkim 2. Gangtok Residency 3. Lacheen 4. Group of Llamas 5. Valley from Talung Monastery 6. Gorge with cascade, below Talung 7. The Tizing Babza waterfall 8. Lama Anden or Shechutung [writing unclear] 9. Zemu river, with ice bridge 10. Ice cave, end of glacier 11. Kangchenjunga from 17,500 ft 12. Seinou [writing unclear] 22,300 ft 13. Peak to north of Kangchenjunga 21,500 ft 14. View from Tungua la, looking east 15. Chalomo lake from Donkra [writing unclear] 16. Siniolahu [writing unclear] 17. Lachung 18. View from Leolu [writing unclear] lake 19. Looking up Lacheen valley 20. Teesta River, near Rungpo 21. Teesta River, near Rungpo 22. Kinchunghau from Giagong 23. Chomiomo [writing unclear] from Gyankko [writing unclear] 24. Glacier, source of the Teesta, north of Pouhuri 25. The Naku Lake 26. Glacier, head of the Langpo valley 27. Glacier, head of the Langpo valley 28. Sikkim yak herds 29. Siniolahu 30. Phadong llamas 31. Procession in Phadong monastery 32. Tee fall in valley to right of Kangchen [writing unclear] 33. Pomdun from Guneha La [writing unclear] 34. Kangchenjunga Guneha La [writing unclear] 35. [writing unclear] north to Gangtok 36. Phadong monastery , Tunglong 37. Cane Bridge 38. Cane Bridge 39. Group of yaks 40. Tibetan prisoners salaaming 41. No information.