Belt Clasp



Complete belt clasp composed of two openwork rectangles with ridged, flared corners. One half has three thick, flat sided rings joined to each other and joined to a long side of the rectangle by three posts whose outlines enclose the rectangle. The opposite half has three corresponding rounded hooks terminating in identical female heads. The heads are oval, with only eyes, nose and brow ridge delineated, the brow ridge turning into Hathor locks on each side of the head. There are striations over the crown of the head to indicate hair. Each half is solid cast, with a small casting flaw on the back of the hook section, the hooks of which show signs of wear. The clasp is in good condition, now patinated a rich, dark green black. This is an example of characteristic 7th century Orientalizing Etruscan bronze work, the style of the female heads influenced by North Syrian art. Such clasps seem to have been used by both men and women.