Bisexual Promotions proudly present: Live Bisexuals on Stage



"Live Bisexuals On Stage was one of a series of performance events around the country to help spread the word of a new bisexual book, ‘Bisexual Lives’. In the 1980s and into the 1990s the lesbian and gay press erased bisexuality, and many lesbian and gay organisations barred bi people from using services or from volunteering. This led to separate bi organising to give bisexuals space and a voice, including books, newsletters/magazines and local support organisations. Liverpool Bi Group and later MerseyBis were short-lived groups in the city, while just up the M62 Manchester's BiPhoria, established in 1994 is still running today”. Jen Yockney, MBE, speaking in 2017. Jen is editor of Bi Community News and convenor of BiPhoria, the UK's longest-running bisexual community project.