Book of the Dead Fragments



Fragments within a glass frame. A mixture of text and vignettes possibly from more than one work. Fragments seemingly all from the early Romano Egyptian Period and need rearranging. Seen by Dr Luigi Prada (University of Oxford) 6 May 2015. Marked on the back of the frame 33/3 and a small sticker with border 2356. Label says 'FRAGMENTS OF PAPYRI. Inscribed and painted. Egypt. St: 453/16/9/30 (Webb). 10/- Ex Wellcome inv. 172774. Purchased at Stevens's Auction Rooms Ltd., London, 16 September 1930 Lot 453: "Specimens of inscribed and figured papyri, in frame, part of cartonnage collar, and a painted figure of Heru, all from Egypt." CONDITION NOTE 1998: Unsuitable mount, discolouration, some split, some have labels adhered.