Book of the Dead inscribed for Ahmes (Papyrus Mayer K)



Papyrus Mayer K was destroyed in the Second World War. It was 2.22 m in length glued on linen and inscribed with 138 columns of large hieroglyphs in black ink with rubrics in red ink: vignettes above inscription. Chapters from the Book of the Dead in the following order according to Percy Newberry: 54, 5, 96, 97, 117, 17, 18, 102, 136, 136b, 126 and 149. The name of the owner has been washed out in every place where it occurred. Good technique. Torn in many places and carelessly glued to the linen: the lower edge torn off. Probably 18th or 19th Dynasty. Mayer Papyri C, D, E, F and G (nos. M11193-7) belong to the same document. There is a letter from Samuel Birch in the archives (Mayer Stock Book I p. 166) about this sheet but he calls it Papyrus Mayer L. Birch names the owner Ahmes and says that no. 9933 in the British Museum (chapter 149) joins with it at the end. He lists the following spells and vignettes from the Book of the Dead that appear in Mayer L: vignette of 68; 88 and vignette; 56 and vignette; 5 and vignette, 96 and 97; 117 and 118; 17 lines 68 to 79; 18 and vignettes; 119; 102; 7; 136; unpublished chapters generally preceding to 124 lines 1 to 2; 149 a & b.