Book of the Dead inscribed for Amenkhau


A copy of the Book of the Dead for a man named Amenkhau [Imn-xa-iw] which means 'Amun has appeared'. At one end is a nice vignette of Amenkhau adoring Re-Harakhty seated on a throne. Above this scene are seven vertical columns of hieroglyphs. To the left of this vignette are two pages of hieratic, each with twelve horizontal lines of hieratic text that give the later part of Spell 15A ‘the hymn to the sun-god’. This part of the papyrus has suffered from being wet, perhaps during the Second World War when the Museum was destroyed by a fire. Amenkhau is a name known at the end of the New Kingdom and the early Third Intermediate Period. The style of this Book of the Dead suggests it was made in the 21st Dynasty, about 1069-945 BC.