Book of the Dead inscribed for Djed-iset-iw-s-ankh



One of two papyrus rolls inscribed for the lady of the house, chantress of Amun-Ra, Djed-iset-iw-s-ankh. Three sheets have been attached to a paper backing, with one sheet being a vignette that shows the owner in adoration before Amenhotep I, and the other two sheets containing texts in hieratic from the 'Spells for going Forth by Day' (i.e., the Book of the Dead). The text contains the following spells: opening of the mouth of the deceased; bringing enchantments to the deceased; remembering the name; giving a heart to the deceased; and not letting the heart of the deceased be taken away. Other papyrus of Djed-iset-iw-s-ankh is 56.22.674.