Booklet: 'Pigion o'r Wyl a'r Ddarlith a gynhaliwyd yn Lerpwl [Picks from the festival and lecture held in Liverpool]'



This booklet was published in 2015 to mark the unveiling of a memorial commemorating the 150th anniversary of the departure of the ship ‘Mimosa’ from Liverpool. ‘Mimosa’ set sail in 1865 carrying 150 Welsh people to Patagonia in Argentina. The Welsh emigrants planned to create a Welsh speaking colony where Welsh culture could thrive. In this they were successful and the legacy of the early Welsh settlements continues in Argentinian cities such as Puerto Madryn. The memorial was unveiled in Princes Dock and was part of a three day festival which started on May 28, the day the Mimosa sailed from Liverpool. The celebration was organised by the Merseyside Welsh Heritage Society. The memorial honours those who dreamed and succeeded in creating the Welsh community, Y Wladfa, in Argentina.