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Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum



Currently not on display


Bottle with ovoid body, tall neck and flared rim. Burnished red surface, darker on the underside of the rim. Three labels stuck to the surface all annotated in black ink: ‘HP 530’; ‘736/7’; ‘Thebes. H.74.” CONDITION NOTE (1998): Previous repair, chipped surface and rim, some surface loss, labels adhered to surface, surface dirt. Hilton Price collection no. 3346. Purchased for Henry Wellcome at Sotheby's 12-17 July 1911 lot 736/7: Two early Vases of red pottery, with pointed ovoid bodies and narrow lips; Nagada; (3784-3785). Three others of varied form and size, from Beni-Hasan and Thebes; (3340, 4875). And a large Bowl, and a curious Model in coarse red pottery; XII dynasty; from Beni-Hasan; (3781, 4873-74)”. Hilton Price sale inventory number HP 530 "Symmetrical vase of red polished ware with long neck. From Thebes. XVIIIth Dynasty work BC 1400. Thebes. 3340."